Hey guys! I know it's been a REALLY hot minute since I last updated. I'd like to get this website up and running again, but I'm at a bit of a loss for where to go from here. I definitely want to continue my OC catalogue, but that requires body text that I really don't want to write at the moment.. in fact, all of my roadblocks are boiling down to just not wanting to write. Whoops.

Nevertheless! I'm hoping to get building again soon. I've convinced another IRL friend to make a neocities, and in order to help them make a portfolio page, I need to build one for myself. SO! That's a soft goal. I honestly *might* just juryrig one based on what I know, but I'm almost tempted to dive into JS for the purpose of gallery building. Who's to say. Idk man I don't like JS just out of sheer laziness.

Beyond that, I played and finished the newest FFXIV expansion, Dawntrail! I'm planning on writing my thoughts out about it soon, if I still have it in me once the spoiler embargo is up. I think the subject of culture and colonialism is handled pretty elegantly... the experience of just learning about a place for the pleasure of it, rather than for some grand edge, is a very nice tonal change for ffxiv.

Anyway here's my wol lol


Been a hot minute AGAIN since I last updated. It's hard to update this sort of thing when doing so is sort of its own involved process. Social media spoils us so much! ANYWAY. My OC catalogue is still not perfect, but I feel like it's getting to a place where I can just iterate upon it in little bits at a time. I need to write the profiles, but that can come later...

Oh yeah! Also! Hey! Scavengers Reign fucking rocks! You should watch it if you get the chance.

Other than that, I'm onto Children of Dune. I don't know.. hm. I don't know how I feel about Dune as a whole. I thought Messiah fucking rocked but I also... idk. A lot Happens in Dune, but I very rarely feel particularly moved by any of it. Gonna decide if I wanna keep going with the series after I finish Children. Reading in general has been great for me, though. I've read a lot more the past two or so years than I have in a long time.


Relatively happy with my home page's theme rn, as well as my landing page. Finished styling my links page for the time being! Now all I need to do is add to it as I like.

The Big New Project is going to be my OC catalogue. I guess toyhou.se is good for this kind of thing, but I don't know! I don't like it! I want my OC pages to just be contained to my blog/website/WHAT HAVE YOU! I really want to get back into the OC writing game anyway. Mavis just sorta floats around in my head as a character to objectify and play with and toss around like a barbie and crumple into a ball and dribble and shoot hoops with. Gotta establish that on her page somehow.

Beyond that... uh! Idk! Web design is fun but I'm bad at it! Lol. I'd love to eventually find a use for this page. It's cute, right? Like, it's cute...

ALSO! I finished reading the first Dune and have picked up Messiah. I got about 70 pages in in a single setting and can say that I REALLY like this entry much better than the first. I know the voice of the first Dune was a Choice by Herbert, but it made everything about it SUCH a slog. I like this new voice, this voice of politics, this voice of weariness. I'm not too far in and I'm REALLY excited to see where it goes.

Also-also! I got a good price quoted to me from a local computer dude building me my new computer and it's WAAAAY below what I projected it would cost so I'm REALLY happy.


Erm oops I forgot to update this log. Changed my main page theme! Added a links page (has not been written AT ALL but it's in the works lol), and a landing page! Yeehaw!

Kind of unsure where to go from here. I think I wanna make a page specifically for graphics I make *for* this site? And I'd really like to work on my oc page. Frankly, I think this log could probably be condensed down to site updates and displayed on my main page but. pffbt. Whatever. who CARES. I'm writing this for me!


concepts for my homepage:

  • Bayou/houseboat theme - cool reds and greens? wood-y texture for the content box?
    • kinda wanna make a hanging lights/chili lights divider for the top of the website and maybe emulate a deck or something for the footer?
  • alternatively, go a bit minimalist in design so that the images i use aren't overwhelming? my idea is to keep the site relatively dark so that my button still accurately represents the vibe.. alternatively, i could make another button.

I am NOT gonna waste my night doing that though. My nights are for Hades II these days and that's THAT!!!


Back in the design spiral. Planning on designing a landing page to put my little disclaimers about my pages being desktop only/nsfw, and maybe slap my button on there? Trying to figure out places for my buttons to go in general i guess. It's so hard to create cohesive web design. This is the era of empacing cringe but I still wanna, yknow, make something that looks visually cohesive.

moved my logbook to this page though! i kind of worry my website is getting a little too disco elysium-derivative but.. y'know, that's a good looking game. also, idk! I think having a more calm approach to pages of this nature, that are REALLY text heavy, is probably good. this is relaxing. it's nice. :)

EDIT: I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT WEB DEV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



This is REALLY unknown territory but I love the look of iframe based websites. It's just gonna be my OC catalogue but.. y'know.


Oh YEAH!!! also i updated my ARCHIVE page! It's kind of superfluous and unnecessary but it's a nice simple layout and i think it's pretty. i don't think i could ever code layouts just because i don't take enough consideration for how the web is displayed on multiple devices/for people with visual disabilities, but man is layout making fun. I! LOVE! DIVS!

Oh with all that said, though, go look at my archive!

EDIT: ALSO! I wanna learn tooltips and scrollsnapping. Scrollsnapping seems like SUCH a pain in the ass though...


WORKED ON MY LIpARY PAGE!! do youj like it. i spent all day on it :) which is a large amount of time for a comically small amount of progress but y'know! thats really fine with me actually. i haven't written a page in a bit and i went into it knowing what i wanted aqnd i think i've done a sufficient job thus far.

my waver shrine continues to go ignored LMAO. I guess my biggest struggle is conceptualizing what I want with it. I wrote ALL that text but i wanna preserve only very little of it. WE'LL SEE!


HAPPY CINDO DE MAYO! YYEEHAW! All prior entries moved to my archive. It's gonna be is MAY!


I'm entering a strange stage of webdesign dysmorphia, similar to how i felt when i was on tumblr (REMEMBER WHEN TUMBLR LET YOU CUSTOMIZE YOUR BLOG?), where I want EVERY page of my website to look the same but all look vastly different but conform to my aesthetics but look also like all my favorite sites. Right now I'm turning toward inspirations like my-corner.nds and 14.4mL for inspiration. REALLY incredible site design. COULD NOT BE ME!!! I am anachronistic AND lazy and if NOTHING else and I suppose I should empace that. also desperately wanna figure out how to make a Silly Little Guy sit on my website in a vein similar to madville's rei. Empacing aesthetics of late 90's early 2000s anime shrine sites is SO HARD! they have SUCH a specific look and on the one hand i desperately wanna emulate that but on the other hand i wanna DO my own thing and on my third hand i dont know how to write anyway and on my fourth hand theres such an opportunity to learn but on my fifth and final hand i am once again lazy by sheer force of nature. WHEW!

the idea, though, of making web collages is very cool. i wanna put GRAPHICS! on the PAGES!

if nothing else, I mostly handwrote this page and my archive page, and while not very impressive or original, they are proof i have learned something. taking a peak has kind of sent me back to the beginner realm (similar with my learning japanese... po remember when i could read japanese sentences with a bit of effort?) and it's all so HARD! i wish learning was a state of ownership, rather than one of perpetual upkeep.


Oh right! updates updates. idk. i;m slowly getting back into the groove of neocities as a creative silly endeavor. i think really trying to fixate on an "aesthetic," instead of allowing my aesthetic sense to simply manifest naturally, maybe made this a bit too much of a job rather than a hobby LOL. tbh i'm having a LOT of fun just writing html laden pages though, so a frameset layout would be fun. fuck mobile friendly web design. bastard of hell technology. the compuyter is a PLACE.

i DO keep conceptualizing pages i wanna make but i dont' wanna make em. thats juat how it is in the dumpster on the back of the bus...


hahahaHAHAHA! finally did a bit of work on Waver shrine. Not *loads* and I'm not sure exactly how I want it formatted... in my head, it sort of looked almost like a wikipage? Idk. Either way, that's progresss babey! I'm kind of on fire with this writing business. Having a Single Little Sip of weed cola reset my pain. I'm grooving, baby! I'm kickin'!


I'm losing steam on this web design thing just a bit! I'm sure I'll get back into it in just a bit. I don't know why, really, but I've felt miserably drowsy like all week :( I REALLY wanna get to work on my Wavey shrine... waugh. It all still sort of exists in the back of my mind. I'm constantly making new backgrounds and little graphcis without much use for them. I wonder if a creations page wouldn't go amiss? ...After the Waver shrine tho.





Edit: Nvm I did it :)


WHY ARE YOU pOKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edit: Nvm normal again :) this really is just a coding log LMAO

i was SO angry about the world when i was going home i was like "i should just throw myself in the garbage!!" but now my website is fixed and i'm ALL normal.


Added buttons + links to the site. "Oh I'm working on waver shrine body text!" (huge lie)


Yippeee new page. Gonna double as a loose update log/diary AND as a blinkies and gifspam repository. NOBODY should care about this page except me lol

Tbh i REALLY don't know what I'll use this for but I wanted somewhere to put my blinkies lmao. Maybe once my index page becomes more of a generic landing page, this will get more use? who knows

Current Web Dev Plans


- Finish styling OC catalogue - finish Mavis' profile and then add profiles at my leasure.



Create art portfolio page

- Coding based collage webpages? Kind of in the same vein as shrines. Just a fun web experience...

- More work on Waver shrine, other shrine pages.