Mavis Doe



The Doe is a memetic agent who serves to facilitate the contemporary mainstream news cycle. She is a creature of many names and multiple social roles, but she exists to satisfy no interpersonal facet. The Doe comprises many identities, but never has much complexity as an individual; the Doe is a sweetheart, a schoolgirl, a struggling young mother, a nymph. Adult, but barely legal; eternally beautiful and fertile.

Above all else, The Doe exists to die.

Mavis[sic] is one such individual.
Mavis is also an abject failure. In her failing to conduct her role as required, Mavis has come to realize she is not built for this world. Mavis cannot interface with the world in a meaningful way. Mavis was never intended agency, and thus she fails to exercise it. Mavis, who interacts with the world through the mediums of sex and death, can't do taxes, or make good conversation at work functions. No job, no credit score, no footprint of identity. Viable as a concept, but not so as a person.

Currently, she sleeps on the floor of a one bedroom apartment leased by medical student, Isadore Black(sentimentalist, thief, necrophile?).

She also enjoys knitting, cutting her own hair, and looking at anything.