CSS Box Shadow Examples
This one is obvious lol
CSS generator for gradients, box shadows, etc.
CSS Text Effects
Basically CSS wordart
Custom Scrollbar Maker
Generates CSS to style your scrollbars.
Dan's Tools
REALLY good website. Too many tools to list. Dan's got it all.
Flexbox Froggy
Tutorial on how to use flexboxes.
Sadgrl's Webmaster Guides
Basically essential reading. Also includes code for purely fun page elements.
Good cheatsheet for various CSS codes.
Solaria's Guides
Various coding guides - CSS and JS.
JS codes for navigation bars.


88x31 Gif Collection
Wall of flashing web buttons. Photosensitivity warning, but very fun.
Loads of pixel art.
Betty's Graphics
Repository of old web graphics and gifs.
Repository of usermade blinkies. Blinkies are fun!
Library of goofy ass old web style graphics.
Bonnibel's Graphic Collection
Small collection of various page element graphics and pixels.
Palette generator! Offers previews of what the palettes look like in various mediums. Additionally, allows users to copy the color in a variety of html code formats, other than just hexcode.
Search engine for old web graphics.
Collection of user-made CC0 game assets. Lots of pixel art!
Pixel Safari
Collection of web graphics - good resource for favicons.
Transparent Textures
Transparent textures to make your site a little crunchier.


Eggramen's Layouts
Mobile friendly 2-3 column layouts.
Sadgrl's Layout Builder
Great 1-3 column layout generator! This page is built using it as a base!
Nenrikido's Layouts
Variety of cute page themes, tumblr themes, and code snippets.
Teppy's Layouts
Fun iframe based layouts.

Fun Stuff

Cameron's World
Web collage celebrating old web design. Great source of gifs too lol
Fonts in Use
An archive of typography. Great source of inspiration.
Miss Dream
Fan archive of Sailor Moon materials & translations.
Profound Gaiety
Collection of vintage homoerotic illustration.

Other Directories

Sadgrl's Webmaster Links
Again, another essential read. Great list of resources.
Links to coding guides, graphics, and other resources.